The Goal Behind 

This Blog

I had worked retail jobs until I was 20 when I got a job as a server. Six months into working at this restaurant, my manager asked if I would be interested in bartending but to be honest, I never thought of becoming a bartender. However, once he put the idea in my head, I thought why not? He gave me 10 days to memorize the recipes from our cocktail menu and I accepted the challenge. 


Shortly after, I started working behind the bar and was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some really knowledgeable and talented peers (predominately amazing women), who taught me most of what I know. Once I got into the rhythm of things, I was hooked. Similar to any other craft, there is something so satisfying about creating something you can truly be proud of. Which brings me to my goal behind this blog, to inspire people to create cocktails they can take pride in.

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