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Mojito Recipe

Updated: Apr 9

Mojitos are definitely my go-to rum cocktail of choice which is a type of liquor that I don't normally drink. However there is something so great about this cocktail that instantly makes me feel like I am on vacation after the first sip.

“If life gives you Lemons, return them, ask for a Lime and make a Mojito" - Unknown

The true secret to making the perfect mojito, is fresh ingredients. As always, I suggest that you make your own sour mix and use fresh mint from a local market if possible. It is also important to know how to handle the mint leaves. Mint can become wilted easily which will result in a mojito with black mint leaves and thats not what we want.

Mojito Recipe

Now that you know a little bit about mojitos, its time to make one so here we go:

  • 8-10 mint leaves

  • 2 lime wedges

  • .50 ounce of simple syrup

  • 2 ounces of sour mix

  • 1.5 ounces of clear rum

  • splash of sprite

  • splash of seltzer

First you are going to smack 4 mint leaves to release all of the aromatics. This will also help bring out the mint flavor within the cocktail. Add them to your boston glass along with your lime wedges and simple syrup, then gently muddle everything to avoid wilting the mint.

Then add the sour mix, rum, and more mint leaves to glass and shake it up! Dump it into your serving glass and add the sprite and seltzer. Finally, stir everything up so that the mint is evenly distributed throughout the glass and garnish with a lime wheel and mint crown!

For a "How To" video of this #MojitoRecipe as well as other #CocktailRecipes, follow @shaken_or_stirred on TikTok!

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